About Milly Ng


Founder of the Clinic since 1992

Milly revolutionized Rehabilitation Science both in the rate of recovery and in the bespoke tailor made method of non invasive healing combining East and West medicine.


World Pioneer in Non Surgical Correction of Bunion

Milly has successfully treated more than 500 cases of Hallux Valgus (Bunion) in the past 15 years using her unique Microcurrent Regeneration Therapy and Special exercise to achieve a permanent sustainable correction. It is absolutely non invasive and 100% risk free and there would not be any side effect but with the side benefit of correcting the whole body alignment thereby relieving pain over other joints related to this deformity.


Base in Hong Kong but facing the World

August 2018, Milly decided to move back to Hong Kong to continue her practice after living in London and San Francisco. Innovation and new skills to promote healing and rejuvenation of the human body is still her primary aim.  Behind all these is manufacturing of the brainchild of Dr. Wing's Microcurrent machine and teaching of her Unique Skill.

The Road to Discovery

Milly Ng in the middle with Dr. Wing on her right in Irvine LA USA -Microcurrent seminar

1992 - the turning point of my career

Met mentor Dr. Thomas Wing in Irvine, Los Angeles, USA.  Dr. Wing was the inventor of Microcurrent machine and the Pager which he sold to Motorola.  He passed away in 2013 at the age of 93.  Microcurrent, being close to our body current, has a strong healing power as differentiates from the commonly used TENS which serves to suppress pain.  Same year I started my private prestigious clinic in the heart of Central Hong Kong. Every year when returning to LA, I would visit Dr. Wing to upkeep the knowledge on Microcurrent. 

1994 - Breakthrough of my unique technique

With my self developed 3D ACU points and the missile nature of the Microcurrent, I can instantly regenerate a severely injured joint. This was demonstrated on a senior bank staff who sustained an acute knee injury.  He has been to a number of other Physiotherapy clinics with no improvement.  During the treatment, he exclaimed "Oops I feel needle!" I apologized " Oh sorry, did I hurt you?"  "No, I felt a lot better!"   This event earned me the contract as the Panel Physiotherapist of HSBC for 19 years until they cut this benefit in 2013.  Over the years, it was one of the most busy clinic in Hong Kong and that gave me a lot of opportunities to explore and perfect my unique skills, more than the scope of a Physiotherapist allowed - eventually brought me to the World Stage.  

2005 - 100% Recovery of a severely mutilated hand from an industrial accident

Mr. Leung, a decorator who  sustained a crushed hand injury trapping his hand in an electric saw with 2 fingers detached.  After reconstructive surgery, he can hardly move the fingers due to a lot of scarring, pain and poor circulation.  Being a friend of my nephew, he approached me for help.  I was very confident that I can help but never in my dream that he can have 100% recovery after one and a half months of daily intensive Microcurrent therapy that he can continue his work as a decorator. He eventually getting a very small amount of compensation from the insurance which he should be able to get more than HKD$ 1 million if he did not receive my treatment. 

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2010 - Regain normal vision for a 6 years old boy from School of the Blind

A 6 year old boy who was blind after a brain damage when he was few months old entered into a coma ill treated by the maid with bipolar disorder.  His father, a senior bank staff of HSBC, brought the child to me thought I would be able to help exercising his limbs being a Physiotherapist. At that time, I was reading a book called "Use Microcurrent to treat Macualr Degeneration by Dr. Kondrot which inspired me to look up the several ACU points of the eyes. Knowing my treatment is non invasive, 100% safe with no side effect, I offered to treat his eyes. His parents weighed that there is no downside, accepted my offer.  In 2 months time, he regained normal vision, left the Ebenezer School of the Blind to study in a normal school, totally changed his life. 

2011 - Hair regrowth for a middle aged woman with bald patch 2.5"x3" for 9 year

My assistant who noticed that I have a lot of miraculous result on many different cases asked me if I can help her aunt who has a bald patch of size 2.5"x3" for 9 years who tried a lot of different methods e.g. oral and topical medication, special shampoo, acupuncture etc. with no avail.   Knowing that Microcurrent is absolutely non invasive with no side effect at all, I bravely accept this challenge.  To my amazement, this time it takes one and a half months of intensive daily stimulation to show some black dots on the bald patch.  What I mean is, not instant result. But the following week, boom boom boom, more than 100 pieces of healthy short 1/4 " hair shoots up. Thereafter results has been much faster - to get a full head of hair for thinning cases is 10 days average.  On December 6, 2014, another breakthrough of my technique- 1/4" hair shoots up from a 30 year bald area within 30 minutes of stimulation on the same day.

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Many more breakthroughs to come

I am very grateful to all the patients I encountered all through these 25 years of practice with the special conditions and challenges which offered me a chance to revolutionize the rehabilitation arena and become a Body Rejuvenation Expert.  In the past 10 years, I traveled around the world to teach doctors and therapists my innovative skills in Face Rejuvenation to reset the biological clock 10 -20 years, to effectively treat hearing loss and tinnitus, to treat nasal allergy, to correct joint deformities as in the case of Hallux Valgus and Scoliosis, to save patients from total joint replacement by rejuvenating the joint to regrow cartilage as evidenced in X ray before and after treatment.  I even helped 2 of my girl friends who has difficulty to conceive to give birth to healthy babies after my 10 sessions of fertility treatment to both husband and wife.